Talk at EHBEA 2021 on Jealousy.

Just a quick post to tell you that I am excited to be giving a talk at EHBEA 2021 (virtually). This is work which I have done in close collaboration with Tamsin Saxton. The talk covers rival characteristics and jealousy. The paper underpinning this talk can be found here. Here... [Read More]
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Potential thesis projects!

I am happy to announce that I have made a list of thesis projects for the next academic year. These topics are suitable for Bachelor, MSc. and MRes. level. As always, I strongly encourage replication projects. Nothing beats a well-done replication study for your project. I also encourage projects on... [Read More]
Tags: Teaching, Replication studies, Social network analysis, Meta-science

Preprint on loneliness and Facebook accepted (and preprint on Nerds as well!).

This brief post is to announce that our preprint has been accepted for publication in Cyberpsychology. This project was carried out by Riana Brown, an MRes. intern at the time, now a PhD student at New York University, together with another intern. We asked people to extract their own Facebook... [Read More]
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