New preprint on friendships and psychological well-being

We have submitted a new preprint to PsyArxiv. This is a project led by Alex Thompson and it is the first submitted paper from her PhD - yay! She would probably do a much better job at explaining the results than I do (She won the faculty of health and... [Read More]
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Markdown tutorial.

For my course (PY0794), I made a very short introduction to Markdown on youtube. Have a look. There was a hiccup, as I couldn’t seem to get it to accept my solution to paragraphs in lists? (Lesson 6, final element). Anyway, I have never had to use it, so don’t... [Read More]
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Induction materials PY0794.

In my home country (Belgium), schools are back on. Soon the academic year starts off here at Northumbria University. To that end, I have compiled an ‘induction’ page for my quantitative research methods course (PY0794). I’ll update it in due course but already some things to browse through if you... [Read More]
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