General info.

The course runs for the first time in sept. 2019. I’ll aim to make all my materials available for the Quantitative part which I cover. The sources are listed at the end of each lecture as well as embedded. (Please also note the disclaimer). Note that some resources might still be linked to the old module code (PY0782).

Course manual.

You can find a course manual here


Note that these will be updated as the module progresses, so there will be some minor changes

You’ll need to use ‘right click’ and ‘save as’ to save the .rmd.

  1. Lecture 1 and .rmd

  2. Lecture 2 and .rmd

  3. Lecture 3 and .rmd

  4. Lecture 4 and .rmd

  5. Lecture 5 and .rmd

  6. Lecture 6 and .rmd

  7. Lecture 7 and .rmd

  8. Lecture 8 and .rmd

  9. Lecture 9, extra class exercise and .rmd

  10. Lecture 10 and .rmd

  11. Lecture 11 and .rmd

Starting week 2 you’ll also need this .css, if you want to replicate the slides. You will also need the xaringan package.


  1. Exercise 1 and .rmd

  2. Exercise 2 and .rmd

  3. Exercise 3 and .rmd

  4. Exercise 4 and .rmd

  5. Exercise 5 and .rmd

  6. Exercise 6 and .rmd

  7. Exercise 7 and .rmd

  8. Exercise 8 and .rmd

  9. Exercise 9 and .rmd

  10. Exercise 10 and .rmd

Occassionally, you’ll need a dataset which is not included (for some I am not the owner). If that’s the case send me an email and I’ll provide you with the dataset needed for your exercise.

Youtube channel.

Occasional screencasts can be found here. I’ll aim to make screencasts for recurrent questions by students.

Statistical Glossary.

Struggling with some terms. Have a look here